Aura 250 DR Cardiac Impulse (DDDR)

Dual chamber pacemaker with an accelerometric sensor for rate modulation according to patient’s chronotropic needs.

These characteristics in addittion with a wide range of programmable parameters and functions allow an effective optimization of therapy for each patient.



Main features are:

  • Ventricular pacing reduction to further spontaneous atrial-ventricular conduction.
  • Automatic implant and lead polarity recognition.
  • Automatic lead polarity switch.
  • AF Prevention: Spontaneous atrial activity suppression.
  • Adaptive AV Delay with hysteresis function.
  • Rate Hysteresis with intrinsic rate search.
  • Accelerometric sensor with individual optimization and post-exercise adjustment.
  • Unexpected intrinsic rate decrease control.
  • Adjustment to rest and circadian rhythm.
  • Quick response to PAC.
  • Reversible mode conversion in DDI.
  • Watchful atrial pacing.
  • Anti PMT.
  • Lead impedance measure out of follow up.
  • Electrophysiology: Stimulation protocols with burst and extra-stimuli.


Rate Responsive system

The Rate Responsive system is based on a sophisticated accelerometric sensor.

The system allows to program the rate responsive curve in frequency in a extremely flexible way.

Moreover, the presence of 4 rate responsive predefined profiles for different patient’s style life and an automatic procedure of calibration make easier and faster activation and adjustment.



A wide diagnostic section, managed easily by programmer, allows to obtain all necessary information for an optimal pacemaker operation according to patient’s requirements.

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